The journey to develop a new Strategic Plan for Sport commenced several years ago with the Board and staff of MU Sport determined to ensure that all stakeholders had the opportunity to contribute to the vision for the future. Workshops were conducted with MU Sport Board, management and staff, and presentations to Club Forums and a range of opportunities were provided for students and stakeholders to contribute directly to the review.

The development of the plan was delayed while a major review of club governance was undertaken by the University in response to several major incidents involving clubs and club members. This resulted in a review of the management of the risks associated with sporting activity to ensure the safety of participants and the good conduct of student-athletes, teams, clubs and officials, which has had a significant impact on the governance and management of sporting clubs and programs at the University.

In 2017, a discussion paper was distributed for feedback outlining strategies for sport to support the provision of an outstanding student experience aligned with the University’s Strategic Plan, Growing Esteem, and to build on the fantastic foundation that sport has established at the University.

The discussion paper captured the significant progress made under the previous strategic plan, structured around the pillars of participation and performance which had provided the framework to guide planning and for measuring success.

The paper proposed including leadership as a pillar, demonstrated in programs such as Raise the Bar, to replace the performance pillar. However, in response to the feedback from clubs and the Board, the performance pillar was retained. A workshop was conducted with representatives of the various stakeholders in late 2017 to confirm the final Vision and Pillars for endorsement by the Board and presentation to the University.

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