Southbank Fitness Studio

Opened in 2019 with a range of state-of-the-art fitness equipment, our boutique gym is conveniently located at the University's Southbank campus in the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music

Located on the ground floor of Building 879 the Fitness Studio is the latest addition to the always evolving range of facilities at the campus.

As part of the pilot program we’re pleased to announce that access to the Fitness Studio will be free to all staff and full-time students of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music until 30 June 2021.

To take advantage of this opportunity simply visit the Fitness Studio and book an induction, following your induction your access card will be reconfigured allowing you to swipe into the studio at any time during opening hours.

Faculty of Fine Arts and Music staff and students can click the button below to join the facility.

Can anyone join the Fitness Studio?

During the Pilot project (until 30 June 2021) only University of Melbourne students currently enrolled in a Faculty of Fine Arts and Music course and UoM Southbank Campus Staff are eligible to use the Fitness Studio.

How much does it cost to be a member during the trial period?

During the trial Pilot Period access to the Fitness Studio is provided at no charge.

Why is the Fitness Studio only open to FFAM students and staff?

The Fitness studio project has been specifically initiated to provide a facility on the Southbank campus for students and staff that are unable to easily access the fitness facilities provided at the Parkville Campus. The size of the facility also means that we need to limit use by others.

What do I need to do to become a member?

Complete the following form online or join up in person at the Fitness Studio during our staffed hours.

How do I get into the Fitness Studio?

Access to the room will only be provided after you have completed your induction with the MU Sport staff member. Access for Students and Staff will be via their student/staff card. You need to tap your card on the card reader outside the door prior to entry every time – even if someone is holding the door open for you. You may also need to use your student/staff card to access the entrance to the Performing Arts Building.

  • Walk up Introduction sessions are available on the hour and half hour during Staffed hours
  • Swipe access will be removed after 7 days if induction is not completed
I’ve never been to a gym before. Will someone show me what to do?

Every person that joins the Fitness Studio will receive an induction which will include a demonstration of how to use key pieces of equipment. Initially this will be a limited introduction to get you started.

I already work out a gym, do I still need to book in for an induction?

The induction is a requirement for your access. The induction will also include our staff providing important information about our gym etiquette and how to get the most out of this new facility!

Am I able to get a more specific program for my individual needs?

Yes – there will be opportunities to make appointments with our staff to arrange for fitness program to be tailored to your needs. See our fitness staff during staffed hours to make an appointment.

What are the opening hours of the studio?

Inducted members will be able to access the Fitness Studio at the following times.

  • Monday to Friday: 7am – 11.00pm
  • Saturday and Sunday: Closed

*Please note that the studio may be booked for specific classes or groups and closed for general use from time to time. These will be advertised on the studio door.

What times are staff working at the Studio?

MU Sport Qualified Fitness staff will be available for the following hours:



















*MU Sport staff will be working at the fitness studio at various times during Semester 1 Orientation

If I’m a member of the Fitness Studio at Southbank can I also use the other University Fitness facilities on the Parkville campus as part of my membership?

No. Your Fitness Studio membership only provides access to the Southbank facility.

If the Fitness Studio Pilot Project is successful, will there be a fee in Semester 2?

If the Pilot Project is successful, then a fee may be charged in future. The fee has not yet been determined; however the aim is always to keep students’ fees as low as possible!

I have some suggestions for equipment? How do I let you know?

You can let our staff know directly or provide written feedback by way of the feedback box, or you can provide it online at

Where can I access toilets and showers?

There are toilets located on the ground floor close to the Fitness Studio. There are showers located within all buildings at the Southbank Campus.

Is there music playing in the Fitness Studio?

Music is not played in the Fitness Studio. We encourage patrons to bring their earphones and own playlist – that way you can enjoy your own music at the volume that suits you! Please note that out of consideration for other patrons we do not allow music to be played through speakers.

Where can I fill up my water bottle?

There is a drinking water tap just outside the Fitness Studio.

Why is this a Pilot Project?

The success of the facility will be measured by the number of students and staff that regularly utilise the facility during the Pilot Project. If there are insufficient numbers of students and staff using the facility, then it may close down.