2022 Uni Nationals Results

Keep up to date with all the schedules and results as the University of Melbourne compete at the 2022 Uni Nationals in Perth

Six teams win gold in Perth

5 October; Aaron McNaughton

The University of Melbourne continued to prove it is one of the country’s premier sporting universities by winning six National Championships at the 2022 Uni Nationals in Perth, taking the University's tally for 2022 to seven after Women's Freestyle claimed gold at Snow Nationals in early September, to claim third overall in the 2022 overall rankings. The seven titles mean the University claims the John Campbell Trophy as South Overall Champions.

Women’s championship teams were Badminton, Fencing, Hockey, Netball and Table Tennis while Men’s Table Tennis was the only men's team to take top honours.

National runners-up were earned by three teams – Mixed Lacrosse, Women’s Cycling and Women's Taekwondo.

Third place was collected by eight Melbourne teams in Open Sailing, Mixed Squash, Women's Kendo, Women's Touch Football, Women's Volleyball, Men's Badminton, Men's Hockey and Men's Taekwondo.

Leading from the front, University sport captain Gabby Coffey earned a gold medal as part of the undefeated Women's Netball side which dominated the competition, their smallest winning margin being the gold medal match which they won 60-48. The 2022 event was the first Uni Nationals since 2019, meaning Women's Badminton, Women's Fencing and Women's Table Tennis all defended their titles won on the Gold Coast in 2019.

The University was also honoured as the South Spirit Champion for the support and comradery shown by all athletes who represented the University in Perth.

See below for a full list of each team's results.

National Champions


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Badminton 🏸 Women GOLD and Men BRONZE


Monday: Defeated QUT 6-3 and WS 7-2

Tuesday: Defeated RMIT 8-1.

Wednesday: Defeated Sydney 7-2 and UWA 6-3.

Thursday: Lost to Monash 7-2 then lost semi final to Curtin 8-1

Friday: Won BRONZE Monash


Monday: Defeated WS 8-1.

Tuesday: Defeated UWA 7-2 and Latrobe 8-0.

Wednesday: Defeated Monash 8-1 and UQ 7-2.

Thursday: Lost 8-1 to UNSW and defeated Sydney 8-1.

Friday: Defeated UNSW 6-3 to win GOLD and are National Champions!

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Basketball 🏀


Monday: Defeated ACU 68-44 and Sydney 49-37.

Tuesday: Defeated Bond 39-36.

Wednesday: Lost 47-35 to UWA. Defeated ICMS 49-26

Thursday: Defeated Deakin 59-49.

Friday: Sydney for 7th/8th

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Cycling 🚲 Women SILVER

Wednesday: Road race

Thursday Time trial

Friday: Hannah Armstong wins GOLD in the Women's Criterium

Women's team won SILVER overall


Fencing 🤺 Women GOLD


Sunday: Jiashu Wi bronze in Men's Foil. No team result

Monday: No team result in Men's Saber



Sunday: Mayuri Muralidharan gold in Women's Foil, Ka Wan Cheung finished 4th. No team result

Monday: Ka Wan Cheung gold in Women's Saber, Kiara Wang bronze. No team result

Tuesday: Runhan Yuan won silver and Ka Wan Cheung finished 4th in the Women's Epee. Team won silver in the Women's Team Epee. Women are National Champions!

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Football ⚽


Monday: Lost 2-0 to UOW and defeated UC 2-1.

Tuesday: Defeated UNSW 2-1

Wednesday: Defeated UWA 7-0 and lost to ANU 1-0 in the Quarter Final

Thursday: Defeated UWA 1-0 and CSU 3-0.

Friday: Drew 0-0 with Canberra to finish 5th overall

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Hockey 🏑 Women GOLD and Men BRONZE


Monday: Defeated ECU 14-0

Tuesday: Defeated UNSW 1-0.

Wednesday: Lost 1-0 to UWA and defeated Macquarie 6-0

Thursday: Defeated Tasmania 4-0 in QF, lost 3-0 to Curtin in SF

Friday: Defeated UWA 2-1 to win BRONZE


Monday: Lost to ANU 3-1 and defeated UNE 6-1.

Tuesday: Defeated Adelaide 3-0 and Western Sydney 3-0

Wednesday: Lost 2-1 to UWA, defeated Curtin 3-0

Thursday: Drew with Newcastle 1-1 but progressed after a shoot-out. Defeated ANU 5-2 in SF.

Friday: Defeated UWA 2-1 to win GOLD and are National Champions!

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Kendo 🥋 Women's SILVER

Finished 2nd in Women's Dan. Overall finish of 4th


Lacrosse 5's 🥍 SILVER


Monday: Defeated UNSW 15-13 and lost to RMIT 16-12

Tuesday: Defeated ECU 23-21 and Adelaide 27-19

Wednesday: Defeated Latrobe 26-8 and lost 23-18 to RMIT to win SILVER

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Netball 🏐 GOLD


Monday: Defeated UOW 58-24.

Tuesday: Defeated ECU 65-8 and Griffith 68-22.

Wednesday: Defeated Federation Uni 60-24 and JCU 68-30 in Round of 16

Thursday: Defeated CSU 53-31 in QF, and Western Sydney 84-32 in SF.

Friday: Defeated UTS 60-48 to win GOLD and are National Champions!

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Rugby 7's 🏉


Tuesday: Lost 36-0 to UTS and 26-21 to Sydney, defeated ECU 49-5.

Wednesday: Defeated AVON 49-5 and UWA 29-10, lost to UWA 19-14 in bronze medal game

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Sailing ⛵ BRONZE

Tuesday: Round Robin 1

Thursday: Round Robin 2

Final Series: The team won a BRONZE


Squash 🎾 BRONZE


Tuesday: Defeated UTS 99-32.

Wednesday: Defeated Sydney 79-71 and lost 127-123 to UWA

Thursday: Lost 109-102 to Monash and 119-103 to Tasmania

Friday: Defeated Monash 84-72 to win BRONZE in the team competition


Druvinka Perera won SILVER in the Men's Singles

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Swimming 🏊‍♀️


Men's 100m Breaststroke final - Adam Selwood (silver) and Will Middleton (8th)

Women's 100m Butterfly final - Imara-Bella Thorpe (bronze)

Women's 1500m Freestyle final - Dominique Hart (bronze)


Men's 200m Breaststroke - Adam Selwood (gold)

Women's 4x100m Freestyle Relay - Bronze


Men's 50m Breaststroke - Adam Selwood (silver)

Men's 400m IM - Will Middleton (bronze)

Women's 800m Freestyle - Dominique Hart (bronze)

Women's 4x50m Freestyle Relay - Silver

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Table Tennis 🏓 Women and Men GOLD


Monday: Defeated UWA 8-3 and UQ 8-3.

Tuesday: Defeated UNSW 7-4 and Sydney 6-5.

Wednesday: Defeated Monash 7-4

Thursday: Defeated USA 10-1 and UNSW 6-2 to win GOLD and are National Champions


Monday: Defeated Sydney 7-4

Tuesday: Defeated UQ 9-2 and Monash 9-2.

Wednesday: Defeated Sydney7-4 an UQ 9-2

Thursday: Defeated Monash 8-3 and Sydney 6-5 to win GOLD and are National Champions

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Taekwondo 🥋 Women SILVER Men BRONZE

Timetable and Results

Men's Overall: 3rd

Women's Overall: 2nd

Tennis 🎾


Monday: Defeated USA 3-2 and UTS 3-2.

Tuesday: Defeated ECU 5-0 and lost 5-0 to UWA.

Wednesday: Defeated UNSW 3-2 and lost 4-1 Sydney

Finished 8th overall


Monday: Lost 4-1 to MQU and 3-1 to UTA

Tuesday: Defeated Deakin 4-1 and UNSW 3-2.

Thursday: Lost 3-2 to UWA in QF. Defeated Monash 5-0.

Finished 6th overall

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Touch Football 🏈 Women BRONZE


Monday: Lost 13-4 to UTS.

Tuesday: Lost 6-5 to Monash and 8-0 to UOW.

Wednesday: Lost 7-3 to UNSW and 10-2 to Western Sydney

Thursday: Lost 5-2 to UOW


Monday: Defeated SCU 17-0

Tuesday: Defeated UNSW 11-0 and lost 6-1 to UTS.

Wednesday: Defeated Deakin 14-0, lost 7-4 to Monash and beat Newcastle 5-0

Thursday: Defeated Western Sydney 11-1 and Griffith 3-2.

Friday: Lost 8-5 to Monash in SF, defeated Griffith 5-3 to win BRONZE

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Ultimate 🥏


Monday: Lost 13-11 to UTS and 10-9 to UQ

Tuesday: Lost 8-5 to Macquarie and 8-6 to RMIT

Wednesday: Lost 14-4 to Sydney

Thursday: Defeated UWA 11-5

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Volleyball 🏐 Women BRONZE


Monday: Lost 2-0 to UWA and 2-0 to FU

Tuesday: Defeated UOW 2-0 and Latrobe 2-1

Wednesday: Lost 2-1 to UTA in round of 16

Thursday: Defeated Deakin 2-0 and lost 2-1 to UQ


Monday: Defeated MDU 2-0.

Tuesday: Lost 2-1 to Latrobe.

Wednesday: Lost 2-0 to UNSW and defeated UWA 2-1

Thursday: Defeated Monash 2-1 in QF and lost to Macquarie 2-1 in SF.

Friday: Defeated UNSW 2-0 to win BRONZE

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Meet the captains

Rimes and Coffey to lead Winged Victory in Perth

The University has announced its sporting captains for 2022; Joel Rimes (Doctor of Philosophy - Immunology) and Gabby Coffey (Bachelor of Arts) will be leading the Winged Victory teams in Perth as student-athletes compete across 19 different sports. Having not taken place since 2019, the competition is returning for a week-long event from 24-30 of September.