Club Awards

Clubs have a long standing history of sporting achievement at the University of Melbourne

In addition to the recognition our club performances get within their own community, MU Sport have a variety of awards to reward the best performances across all clubs each year. Awards include Individual Performance, Team Performance, Coach, Personality, and Club of the Year. Awards are endorsed by the Club Advisory Group.

2019 Club Sport Awards Winners

Club Team Performance of the Year - Men's Open Kendo and Women's Premier Volleyball

The Kendo Club won a gold medal for the 4th successive year in the Victorian Kendo Championships Men's Open. Team member Richard Ten who was selected in the Australian National Kendo Team to compete in the 18th World Kendo Championships in Incheon, South Korea. Assistant coach Daniel Jeong was also selected as assistant coach for the World Championships.

The Volleyball Club's Women's Premier Team came out champions in the Victorian Volleyball League. This year's Gold Medal was the team's second successive League Championship win. The team managed to integrate a number of new players this year and still achieved tremendous results only loosing one game on the way to victory.

Club Individual Performance of the Year - Tomonori Sakai (Kendo)

Tomonori Sakai won the Men’s Open Dan Individual Championship at Victorian Kendo Championships 2019, Victorian’s main Kendo event. He followed up on this achievement with excellent performances during his matches in the teams division. He displays great Kendo technique, strong fighting spirit, good etiquette and sportsmanship. He inspires and supports the younger generation to live active lives through Kendo.

Club Coach of the Year - Kazuya Niiro (Volleyball)

Kazuya Niiro was coach of the Volleyball Club's Women's Premier team. Kazu transitioned from the Women's Reserve team in 2018 to coach the Premier team this year under challenging conditions. The retirement of a number of players combined with the integration of new players, alongside the tyranny of distance to coach certainly created its own challenges. Despite all of this, Kazu was able to successfully create a winning environment winning the state championship.

Club Personality of the Year - Nick Burke (Cricket/Football)

Nick has been with both the Cricket and Football Clubs for over 10 years. Nick's rev-up speeches at training and on match days have landed him on national television (most recently Channel 7) alongside appearances at Collingwood FC training. Nick has been honoured with a club Life Membership at the 2018/19 Cricket Club presentation night.

Club of the Year - Dancesport Club

The Club of the Year award is selected on a club's all around performance. Selection criteria includes not only on-field performances but also the club's administrative efficiency, it's organisational ability and overall improvement. The 2019 Club of the Year award goes to the Dancesport Club and is well deserved.

Previous Winners

Club Individual Performance of the Year

2019 Tomonori Sakai (Kendo)

2018 Xi Xi (Volleyball)

2017 Oscar Wookey (Hockey)

2016 Not Awarded

2015 Not Awarded

2014 Not Awarded

2013 Lisa Weightman (Athletics)

Club Team Performance of the Year

2019 Men’s Open Team (Kendo) and Women's Premier Team (Volleyball)

2018 MU Heat All-Girl Open Pom (Cheerleading)

2017 Women's State 1 (Soccer)

2016 Women's Division One AV Shield Team (Athletics)

2015 Women's University Blues (Volleyball)

2014 Uni Blacks - Men's (Touch)

2013 Not Awarded

2012 Colts' XV (Rugby)

2011 Not Awarded

2010 Women's Honours (Volleyball)

2009 Women's Senior Eight (Boat)

2008 Men's Honours (Volleyball)

Club Coach of the Year

2019 Kazuya Niiro (Volleyball)

2018 Matthew Keen (Water Polo)

2017 Gus Cirillo (Volleyball)

2016 Elissa Kent (Lightning Netball)

2015 Davin Smith (Hockey)

2014 Quentin Gleason (Uni Blues)

2013 Shannon Winzer (Volleyball)

2012 Matthew Kempton (Blacks Football)

2011 Alex Henshilwood (Boat)

2010 Andrew Walker (Basektball)

2009 Andrew Walker (Basektball)

2008 Hugh Van Cuylenberg (Cricket)

2007 Qi Shen (Volleyball)

2006 Tim Dolphin (Boat)

2005 Tim Dolphin (Boat)

Club Personality of the Year

2019 Nick Burke (Cricket)

2018 Geremy Cao (Taekwondo WTF)

2017 Robert Smith (Gridiron)

2016 Christine Li (Taekwondo)

2015 Rachel Bach (Soccer)

2014 Ian Jones (Rugby)

2013 Fawad Ahmed (Cricket)

2012 John Buckley (Soccer)

2011 Greg Kennedy (Cricket & Touch)

2010 Tristan Harris (Touch)

2009 Not Awarded

2008 Duncan McKenzie (Lacrosse)

Club of the Year

2019 Dancesport

2018 Cheerleading

2017 Table Tennis

2016 Mountaineering

2015 Hockey

2014 Underwater and Mountaineering

2013 Touch

2012 Kendo

2011 Squash

2010 Touch

2009 Hockey

2008 Kendo and Soccer

2007 Volleyball

2006 Underwater

2005 Football W

2004 Football M

2003 Basketball

2002 Mountaineering

2001 Karate

2000 Basketball

1999 Athletics

1998 Badminton

1997 Underwater

1996 Cricket

1995 Snowboarding

1994 Water Polo

1993 Hockey and Horseriding

1992 Sailing & Windsurfing

1991 Badminton

1990 Cricket

1989 Mountaineering

1988 Ski

1987 Netball

1986 Athletics

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