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mu sport regulations


To be read in conjunction with University Regulation 17.1.R7 - Sport and Physical Recreation Rules

1. Strength & Fitness Gym

  1. All users of the Melbourne University Sport Strength & Fitness Gym must be authorised to use the facilities to the satisfaction of the Strength and Fitness Centre Manager.
  2. All users of this facility must:
    • - wear runners/sneakers (no bare feet, thongs or sandals)
    • - wear clothing that covers their upper torso as well as their lower torso
    • - not bring food or drink (except water for personal consumption) into the training facility.
    • - not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and
    • - use sweat towels at all times and remove their sweat from equipment after use.
  3. Bags of any description are not permitted in the training facility (unless they are stored in the lockers or storage areas provided).
  4. All free weights MUST be returned to their racks after use and not be left on the floor.
  5. Assistance should be sought from staff when moving heavy bars/weights.
  6. Equipment is not to be monopolised particularly during rest periods.
  7. Users must observe all time limit restrictions on cardio exercise equipment.
  8. Persons involved in wilful damage or theft of equipment will be prosecuted.
  9. At all times, consideration for the comfort and safety of others is expected. Behaviour which offends, causes discomfort, embarrassment, injury or damage to another user is not acceptable. If the Director or an authorised officer considers that a person has exhibited such behaviour, they can immediately terminate that person's use of the facilities and require that person to vacate the facilities. The Director may also take further action under University Regulation 17.1.R7.

2. Group Fitness
Please note the following conditions of membership and participation in Melbourne University Sport's Group Fitness classes.

Please ensure you:

  • Carry a valid membership card at all times
  • Carry and use a sweat towel
  • Wear appropriate footwear for exercise (Runners/trainers only)*
  • Wear appropriate exercise clothing (No denim or street wear)
  • Wipe down and clean all sweat from equipment after use
  • Consume only water or sports drinks in class
  • Place your bag at the front of the room or in an area designated by the instructor
  • Return all equipment to its storage area at the end of class as directed by the instructor
  • Use collars to secure weights to the barbells at all times
  • Arrive on time for all classes. Entry may be refused after music has started

*bare feet are recommended for yoga, pilates, and bodybalance

Participants are reminded:

  • To follow directions given by MUS staff.
  • Behaviour that offends, causes discomfort, embarrassment, injury or damage to another user or staff member is unacceptable. If an authorised officer considers a person has exhibited such behaviour, they can immediately have that person removed from the facility .The Director may also take further action under University regulation 17.1.R7 and terminate a user's membership.

3. Sport Centre Stadia

  1. All activities within the stadia must be approved by SPRC or the Director.
  2. Minimum clothing requirement is t-shirt/singlet or exercise/sports top and shorts.
  3. All equipment (including but not limited to group fitness equipment, posts and nets, tables and chairs etc) must be returned to the appropriate storage areas after use.

4. Squash Courts

  1. Minimum clothing requirement is singlet or T-shirt, shorts and clean soft soled, non-marking sports footwear.
  2. Users must enter the court by the door to the court. Entry to or exit from the court by the gallery is forbidden. A person, who is not a user, may not enter the court.
  3. No person may enter a court whilst play is in progress.

5. Beaurepaire Pool

  1. Swimmers must shower immediately before entering the pool area.
  2. Swimmers must follow the pool attendant's instructions at all times.
  3. Only swimmers and staff may enter the pool area.
  4. Only clothing specifically designed for swimming is permitted.
  5. Sports shoes and dress shoes must not be worn in the pool area, except by authorised MUS staff.
  6. Swimmers must observe the lane signs and swim in a lane appropriate to their swimming speed, or as directed by the pool attendant.
  7. Swimmers must consider the safety and comfort of other swimmers while in the pool area.
  8. No glass or food may be taken into the pool area. Plastic water bottles are permitted.
  9. Bags must not be taken into the pool area. Lockers provided should be used to store personal belongings. Valuables or belongings should not be left unattended in the changerooms.
  10. Staff members may refuse admission to any person who, in his or her opinion, is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  11. Running along the pool concourse is not permitted.
  12. Diving/bombing from the pool concourse is not permitted.
  13. Ball games of any description are not permitted except as authorised by the Director.
  14. Staff may remove any person from the pool, if they do not use the facility in a safe and considerate manner according to the rules.

6. University Oval

  1. The Director may authorise the groundsman to determine when access to the oval is permitted. Users must comply with directions given by the groundsman.
  2. The oval may be closed at the discretion of the groundsman, particularly in wet weather, and/or when repairs are being carried out. The groundsman may restrict access to parts of the oval when repairs are being carried out. The oval is closed when mowing is taking place.
  3. No person is permitted onto the centre cricket wickets once they have been roped off - (generally the period from September to March).
  4. All training activities and matches on the oval must be authorised by the Director;
  5. Casual use is allowed at the discretion of the groundsman, but studded boots must not be worn.

7. Oval Pavilion

  1. Use of the pavilion for social activities must be booked through the appropriate MUS staff.
  2. Noise levels must be kept at reasonable levels so as to not cause disturbance to neighbouring college residents. All social activities must cease by 11.30 pm and the premises vacated by midnight. Persons departing the pavilion must do so quietly.
  3. The pavilion must be left in a clean and tidy condition. Food scraps and spills must be cleaned from all kitchen surfaces and appliances and all rubbish disposed of correctly. Users may be charged a cleaning charge if extra cleaning is required.
  4. Users must obtain the appropriate liquor licence if intending to serve or sell alcohol in the Pavilion and proof must be provided when making a booking. Users must comply with the University or SPRC alcohol policies that are in force from time to time.

8. Hockey Field

  1. Hockey field participants must enter and exit the field via gates provided and with due regard to those using the athletic track that surrounds the field.
  2. Players using the field must exercise great care at all times to ensure balls are contained within the fencing.
  3. Only rubber-soled sporting shoes or approved hockey shoes may be worn on the field.
  4. Use of the field is confined to uses as approved by the Director or his/her authorised officer. The Director may allocate priority use to the Melbourne University Hockey Club.

9. Athletics Track

  1. The Director will take action to ensure that lanes 1 and 2 are not subjected to excessive wear.
  2. Running spikes may not exceed 6 mm.
  3. Starting block spikes must be a minimum of 10 mm.
  4. The Director may allocate particular priority use to Melbourne University Athletic Club, and such other Clubs as appropriate.

10. Tennis Courts

  1. Appropriate footwear as determined from time to time by the Director must be worn on the tennis courts.
  2. The Director may allocate particular priority use to the Tennis Club as appropriate.

11. University Boatshed

  1. The Boatshed is provided as a clubhouse for use by the Melbourne University Boat Club, but does not preclude its use by other clubs or users where authorized by the Director.
  2. The Boat Club has delegated responsibility for ensuring the facilities are kept in a clean and tidy manner at all times, and that the building is kept secure.
  3. The Boat Club must appoint responsible persons to ensure the building is used in an appropriate manner, consistent with the specific rules of the SPRC.
  4. Use of the boatshed for other than the normal activities of the Boat Club must be approved by the Director.
  5. (The Boat Club must liaise regularly with the Director to ensure repairs and items of routine maintenance are addressed appropriately.

12. Mt Buller Alpine Lodge

  1. The Director will generate and publish rules for the use of the alpine lodge at Mt Buller.
  2. At the time of securing reservations, those making the booking will be given a copy of lodge rules and regulations.

13. Other facilities

  1. Other facilities, such as meeting rooms, storage areas, kitchens, bbqs etc must only be used for the purpose authorised by the Director.
  2. These facilities must be left in a clean and tidy state.
  3. Equipment located in meeting rooms and kitchens must not be removed.

As approved by the Sport and Physical Recreation Committee 20 April 2004.

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