MU Sport is committed to providing outstanding customer service and facilities.

Melbourne University Sport will:

  • Always be friendly and approachable
  • Listen to customer’s needs and respond efficiently and effectively
  • Strive for innovative improvement to our programs, facilities and services
  • Deliver quality fitness and sport experiences through our programs, facilities and services

Customer feedback responses are updated regularly and posted online on our Feedback page and also on notice boards at our fitness centres, so you can see if your question has been answered recently.

Whether you want to give us feedback on what we are doing, suggest how we can make things better, send us a message at, fill out the form below, give us a call at +61 3 8344 5405 or alternatively fill out a feedback form at any of our fitness centres.

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Send us feedback

Whether you want to give us feedback on what we are doing or suggest how we can make things better, fill out the form below, give us a call at +61 3 8344 5405 or alternatively fill out a feedback form at any of our fitness centres.


Melbourne University Sport runs satisfaction surveys for all its programs, with two major surveys: the Wellbeing Survey and the Fitness Survey. Our surveys help MU Sport determine the level of satisfaction with all our customers regarding Sport at the University and their expectations for sporting facilities, programs and services. These surveys also provide opportunities for MU Sport casual users, club members, fitness members and others interested in sport at the university to provide direct feedback.

For each major survey, we report on the findings with updates on how it is addressing the needs, feedback and concerns presented in the findings.

For questions or additional information on Melbourne University Sport surveys, please complete our feedback form above.

Wellbeing Survey

In 2015, MU Sport commissioned the University's Business Intelligence Unit to assist in developing and delivering the first University Student Wellbeing Survey to measure the level of student participation in, and attitudes towards, regular physical activity and the impact on the student experience.

The survey was sent to 39,830 students with an outstanding completion rate of 17%. The survey found that 77% of students are participating in a recreation, fitness or sporting activity at least 2 times a week which is consistent with ABS data for 18 – 24 years group nationwide. In addition, students engaging in regular physical activity expressed a greater level of satisfaction with the University experience than those that did not. Irrespective of the level of activity, or the location, close to 80% of students felt that it was important (44%) or very important (35%) that the University provide recreation, fitness and sporting programs and facilities. The hurdles to participation are cost and time most closely associated with the nationality and cultural group of the individual.

In response, MU Sport will develop strategies to increase opportunities for regular physical targeted at students experiencing social isolation including water safety programs for international students but also to remove or reduce participation fees for all students.

To see the full report on the 2015 Wellbeing Survey, click here.

Fitness Survey

Melbourne University Sport’s Fitness Survey is conducted every two years. The purpose of the survey is to:

  • measure respondent’s levels of importance with the services, programs and facilities provided.
  • measure respondent’s levels of satisfaction with the services, programs and facilities provided
  • provide longitudinal data which allows measurement of progress against specific KPI’s

The Survey is Fitness Services key rating and feedback mechanism, with the survey measuring importance, satisfaction and participation. This survey also determines participation satisfaction with the Fitness Services, programs and facilities, MU Sport and the University. The results of the Fitness Survey will be used for MU Sport and Fitness Services planning for the near and long-term future.

Run in alternating years, the Fitness Survey solicits feedback from Fitness members and casual users regarding their use of MU Sports’ facilities and programs, and their overall fitness experience and satisfaction with MU Sport. The 2016 survey generated 1,100 participants and a brief summary of the findings are below. For the full report, click here.

General statistical information:

  • Students accounted for 65% of respondents up from 60% in 2014
  • Alumni accounted for 7.2% of respondents down from 8.8% in 2014
  • Staff accounted for 21% of respondents which was consistent with the 2014 Survey
  • Community accounted for 6.4% of respondents down from 10% in 2014

Key findings:

  • Weights was the primary activity of 38.4%, while Group Fitness was the primary activity for 25.3% and Cardio accounted for 22.4%
  • Overall satisfaction from respondents was 73.3%
  • 55% used the facilities 3 days a week or more
  • Convenience was the primary motivation for becoming a member 72.7%
  • The busiest period to exercise was between 4pm – 8pm (42%)
  • Walk pasts were the primary source of hearing about MU Sport facilities (32.5%)
  • Almost 80% of respondents believe that it is important the MU Sport fitness is managed and staff internally rather than by an external operator

2016 major results/outcomes:

  • 32% considered that ‘Activities’ (Gym/Group Fitness/Pool) were the most important element of their experience
  • 30.8% considered that the ‘Facilities’ were the most important element of their experience
  • 12% considered Problem Resolution as very important
  • The key attribute driving satisfaction was staff ‘taking ownership of problems’
  • Membership being good value for money was considered very important

Addressing the 2016 Fitness Survey Major Results and Outcomes

MU Sport uses survey data to address current members’ needs in a timely fashion where feasible, as well as review data and information for future planning. To date, MU Sport is working towards addressing the following areas identified in the 2016 survey:

Improved Facilities

  • Focused on replacing and increasing the overall numbers of fitness equipment to ensure that there is more equipment available for patron use
  • New Equipment Hoist Strength Training Equipment. $120,000 worth of new equipment was installed on level 1 of the Beaurepaire Centre in late February 2017
  • Installed air conditioning into the Lazer Room and MindBody Studio in January 2017
  • Upgraded the Pool Chlorination System to reduce the use of chlorine in the pool, making a more comfortable swimming environment for our patrons

Problem Resolution

  • Introduced a greater focus within staff induction of Problem resolution and problem ownership
  • Problem resolution is reinforced with staff at regular meetings and through weekly staff update sheets
  • MU Sport also provides our patrons with a robust feedback system where patrons are able to leave feedback and have it responded to in a public forum weekly.

Value For Money
To ensure that students are getting great value for money and an excellent return on their SSAF, MU Sport has:

  • Kept Student membership fees ‘on hold’ since 2015
  • Reduced casual use fees in 2016 and further reduced in 2017
  • Introduced a FREE Water Safety Program for students
  • Introduced FREE SWIM periods from 9am-11am weekdays for students
  • Provided more FREE Group Fitness classes for students