Welcome to MU Sport

Welcome to Sport at the University of Melbourne.

The University is committed to providing a dynamic student experience, with a vast range of sporting clubs, programs and fitness services that cater to the first-timer through to the elite athlete, there is something for everyone.

Why should you get involved at the University?

Participation in regular physical activity improves your physical and mental wellbeing leading to greater academic success. Getting involved in a University program or club is also likely to be more convenient but you will also meet some great like-minded people who may enhance your future career prospects.

Everyone is welcome

We are committed to ensuring that all activities are safe, inclusive and respectful irrespective of your race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. We also provide support for students facing financial hardship to ensure that everyone gets to have a go.

So, check out what’s on offer throughout our website and join the more than 20,000 students and staff who Get Active each year at the University.

Sport Matters at Melbourne - It Inspires, Connects and Leads.

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New to the University of Melbourne and/or looking for fun, on-campus sport and fitness opportunities? We offer excellent benefits to students with our various recreation, fitness and sport programs. Get active with MU Sport today!

  • Visit us during Orientation at Clubs Day, the Sports Carnival, Open House Tours or the UMSU Host Tour to get a FREE 21-day Pass that provides free access to all MU Sport Fitness Centres, Group Fitness classes, Court Hire facilities and the Swimming Pool. Terms and conditions apply. See here for more details
  • Our student fitness membership includes unlimited use of the Pool, Gym, and Group Fitness classes across our three Fitness Facilities. We have FREE Group Fitness classes you can try each day of the week and our casual prices start from $8 for the gym and group fitness, and $4 for the pool
  • Have a hit of Badminton, Tennis or Squash on our courts, did you know it's FREE for students from 9-11am each weekday
  • Join one or more of the University’s 47+ Sporting Clubs
  • Learn how to stay safe near the water with our FREE Water Safety Program
  • Join one of our many programs aimed at mentoring athletes, supporting athletes, and getting involved
  • Team up with friends for lunchtime Campus Sport competitions or Tin Alley Sport in the evenings
  • College residents can participate in various College Sport competitions
  • Tryout to represent the University of Melbourne at the Varisty Challenge or annual Uni Nationals competitions
  • Elite Athlete Scholarships are on offer to high-performance student-athletes

Our facilities and programs provide a broad selection of workplace sporting and fitness opportunities for University staff located at or visiting the Parkville campus. Achieve your fitness and activity goals by joining one or more of programs.

Find a comprehensive list of current staff offerings here.


We encourage University Alumni to get involved in sport, fitness and recreation at the University of Melbourne. Our facilities and programs are easily accessible from Parkville, Carlton and North Melbourne.

Alumni and Community Fitness members and casual users can train at one of MU Sport’s three Parkville campus fitness facilities, use our Sports Precinct fields, or participate in Group Fitness Classes


We encourage the wider community to get involved in sport, fitness and recreation at the University of Melbourne. Our facilities and programs are easily accessible from Parkville, Carlton and North Melbourne, so visit us and start achieving fitness and sporting goals.