Student Services and Amenities Fees (SSAF)

What did Sport receive and how was it utilised?

The University reinstated a compulsory Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) in 2012, following an alteration to federal legislation in October 2011

In 2022 MU Sport will receive $4.35m which is 23% of the total amount collected at approximately $72 per full-time student.

The following pie chart illustrates the distribution of the $19M SSAF collected by the University in 2021.

Sport Matters at Melbourne – It Inspires, Connects and Leads

The management and Advisory Board of MU Sport carefully considered how the SSAF funds would be best utilised in line with the University of Melbourne’s ‘Advancing Melbourne 2030’ and ‘The University of Melbourne Strategic Plan for Sport’ objectives of increasing and supporting student engagement and participation mindful of the current and future financial position of the organisation.

In 2022 MU Sport is striving to meet the vision by currently running a Reactivation program to service over 3,605 student members of sporting clubs, 5,858 student members of the fitness centre, and 1,046 student casual users with over 150,000 visits to the University’s sporting facilities and services as at August 2022.

It was determined that the ongoing priority was to support initiatives to increase student participation and engagement while continuing to address the backlog in sport related building maintenance and capital projects partly caused as a result of the introduction of Voluntary Student Unionism in 2007. These strategies will be carefully explored with all stakeholders including sporting clubs and groups and general users over time and introduced as and when more resources become available.

The following pie charts illustrate the forecast 2022 income and expenditure in broad percentages for MU Sport.

The pie charts identify that 62% of the total income generated by MU Sport is derived from the SSAF and that this amount is subsequently expended in subsidising student participation in fitness and sport programs, clubs and maintaining the buildings and grounds. The bulk of the remaining income is derived from student fees and charges in fitness services, clubs and facility hire. For many students cost continues to be a significant disincentive to participation in sport and fitness activities and this will continue to be difficult to address whilst a significant percentage of income goes towards the cost of buildings and grounds.

Despite the current challenges the SSAF provided MU Sport with the opportunity to reduce the cost to access some services, improve the quality and/or provide additional services in 2022:


MU Sport has developed an ambitious plan to increase the number of students who participate in regular activity at the University through regular, informal physical activities on campus; Come and Try programs; and targeted programs for underrepresented groups. A Student Life Pass was created as a ticket to all things recreation, fitness and sport at the University. This includes come and try sessions for sporting clubs and programs; fun weekly events, activities and giveaways; exciting trips and tours; social sporting competitions; and games and pop-up activities throughout the campus. Mu Sport has been able to activate places and spaces throughout campus to run our reactivation activities to ensure that we are taking the activity to students; and a timetable of weekly pop-up activities and events for the semester has been compiled.

Fitness Services

MU Sport is committed to keeping costs as low as possible, providing tailored, affordable, fitness service options to students:

  • The student direct debit fee of $28.99 has been kept at the same level since 2015 and has not increased in 2022.
  • Support Regional Fitness Facilities
  • Access for Elite Athletes
  • Regular free group fitness classes
  • Free pool access at regular times during the week
  • Water Safety Program

Subsidised Casual Access

A range of new program initiatives were introduced to provide students with increased access to casual and one-off sporting and fitness opportunities at low or no cost. These programs include the ‘quick-hit’ programs allowing students to access venue hire facilities for no fee such as tennis, squash and badminton courts.

Sport and Club Support

Coaching and Administrative Support

  • Increased support for targeted club coaching and management appointments.

Support Services

  • A range of central services is being provided to reduce the burden on voluntary club officials. This includes expert administrative support for financial and payroll transactions and reporting, rollout of cloud-based communication and online membership registration and renewal systems. Support for clubs assists in meeting higher levels of OHS, HR and financial risk management and compliance.

Operational Club Support

  • Subsidies to Clubs to provide participation and engagement opportunities for students.

Representative Sport

Venue Access

  • Club access to internal and external venues

Strategic Club Support

  • Opportunities for clubs to access additional support in the areas of club marketing/fundraising, alumni relations, sponsorship, merchandise, and event coordination.

High Performance Student Athlete Support

  • Increased support for elite athletes and teams to including programming, testing and performance review.

Leadership Programs

  • Support in running or coordinating dedicated Leadership Programs in the following:
  • Indigenous Sport Program
  • Pride and Diversity Program
  • Strong Woman Program
  • Active Student Leadership
  • Access Melbourne Memberships

Buildings and Grounds

Maintenance and Capital

  • Additional funds allocated to the maintenance and capital development of buildings and grounds.


  • Provision of Administrative support to student participation.

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