Melbourne University Sport (MU Sport) provides a range of fitness, sports and recreation facilities and programs, and supports the sporting clubs, teams and student-athletes through partial Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) funding. The SSAF fee is currently $303 for a full-time student, and the funds ($19M total) are distributed to a range of student organisations and University departments, including MU Sport, to provide a variety of services and facilities.

MU Sport receives 23% of the total SSAF funds collected (see note on allocation below). Although participant fees for sport activities and access to facilities for students has been reduced since the introduction of the SSAF, they have not been eliminated entirely. Sport remains one of the few services that students are still required to pay an additional fee to access. Overall student participation in Sport at the University continues to increase, but unfortunately, the additional cost for international students and other groups and individuals remains a significant hurdle.

It is important that the current level of funding is maintained. More importantly, an increase to SSAF or other University financial support would enable fees to be reduced, which would provide access for more students, add support for sporting clubs, teams and athletes, and provide further improvements in the range and quality of programs and sporting facilities.

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