Campus Sport

Campus Sport has a variety of fun, social, organised lunchtime competitions for the entire university community.

Games are for players of all abilities, so why not get a little hot and sweaty in your lunch break and join in the fun with friends, class-mates or colleagues.

COVID-19 Update from MU Sport

Visit the Melbourne University Sport Reopen page for MU Sport’s most recent COVID-19 updates.

Campus Sport is set to resume on Monday 16 August.

Last updated: 27 July 2021


Campus Sport operates for 10 fixtured weeks (including finals), unless otherwise stated, with no games played during mid-semester holidays or on public holidays where the University is closed.

Fixtures are round-robin format with games played daily between 12.00 - 2.00pm.

The prices listed are entry fees for the whole team, and are inclusive of fixtures, umpires and referees, equipment, stadium/court hire and awards.

Registrations are now open for all sports. See below on this page for registration links!

We are currently reviewing the competition rules and protocols to align with government and sporting body guidelines and any amendments will be released closer to the beginning of the season. Please note we do not anticipate any major changes to the rules at this stage.

How to Enter


Select the Sport below which includes pricing and registration links when they are available. Your place in the competition cannot be confirmed until full payment of the entry fee is made.

Once a competition is full, we have no more spaces for teams, make sure you get your team entry in early to avoid disappointment.

If you are an individual player looking to join a team, please get in contact with the Campus Sport Coordinator to see if there are options for you to be placed into a team.


When: Tuesday (Men), Thursday (Mixed) and Friday (Mixed)
$280 per team
Men’s Futsal Rules, Mixed Futsal Rules and Wet Weather Guidelines

Honour Board

S1 2019 - Jambu FC (Men’s) and West Ham Sandwiches (Mixed)
S2 2019 - Tea and Busquets (Men’s), Inter Mivan (Thursday Mixed) and The Ball Handlers (Friday Mixed)


When: Tuesday (Mixed) and Wednesday (Mixed)
$350 per team
Netball Rules

Honour Board

S1 2019 - Winity 1995-96 (Tuesday) and 1995-96 Chicago Bulls (Wednesday)
S2 2019 - Test Eagles (Tuesday) and Moon_x_netball (Wednesday)


When: Friday (Mixed)
$200 per team
Volleyball Rules

Honour Board

S2 2019 - FOXTROT


When: Thursday (Mixed)
Cost: $350 per team
Basketball Rules

Honour Board

S1 2019 - Mohamed Fakaba Bamba
S2 2019 - Mohamed Fakaba Bamba

Touch 7s

When: Wednesday (Mixed)
$200 per team
Rules: Touch 7's Rules and Wet Weather Guidelines

Contact Us

Larissa Payne
Acting Sports Participation Coordinator

Fixtures and Results