Unimelb Moves

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The Unimelb Moves app supercharges your fitness routine by providing instant access to free customisable online fitness content, challenges and metrics to inspire a healthier, more active, you.

Book a Fitness Consultation with our experienced staff to receive a personalised training program uploaded to your app, allowing you to closely follow each exercise, view correct technique, track your progress and update your program as you improve.

Stay motivated with MU Sport’s workouts of the day, win prizes in regular fitness challenges, and connect your fitness devices to monitor and increase your daily MOVES in our facilities, at home or wherever you are.

The app is available free to all, including MU Sport fitness members, University Club members and the general community. To get you started, our staff are running Consultations for members at the Beaurepaire Centre and Lincoln Square that can be booked through the app.

Once you have downloaded the app, sign up for a mywellness account and our staff will grant you access to the online platform.

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