Elite Athlete Program

The University of Melbourne has a long and proud tradition of supporting student-athletes in their sporting and academic pursuits.

For more than 150 years, students have combined study and sport as part of the Melbourne Experience.


High Performance and Friends of the Sports Association Scholarships are available to all applicants for the Elite Athlete Program and provide:

  • Up to $4,000 to assist with competition and travel costs
  • Physiotherapy services with on-campus practice Elite Akademy
  • Professional Strength and Conditioning coaching and programming
  • 12 month Aquatic and Fitness Centre membership
  • Subsidies for inter-varsity representative sporting events

There is also a range of specific Sports Scholarships (listed below) that have independent application processes:

The Elite Athlete Program aims to:

  • Assist elite and emerging student-athletes with a designated entry scheme
  • Support elite and emerging athletes in achieving academic success and vocational transition
  • Develop University of Melbourne Sporting clubs through the support of elite and emerging athletes
  • Instil student-athletes with a life-long affinity to the University community
  • Develop leaders and role models in sport, business and the community

The Elite Athlete Program operates by:

  • Recognising elite student-athletes and supporting them with flexible study assistance
  • Supporting elite and emerging student-athletes with a range of financial and in-kind support
  • The University of Melbourne is a member of the Australian Institute of Sport's Elite Athlete Education Network.

Elite Athlete Program Support

The Elite Athlete Program provides elite and emerging student-athletes with in-kind support to assist them to reach their potential whilst studying at the University of Melbourne.

Supported student-athletes undertake to represent the University of Melbourne at appropriate inter-varsity championships or events and the relevant University of Melbourne Club (where a suitable level is available) during the term of their support.

Elite Athlete and Artistic Performers Entry Scheme

The University encourages international, national and state representation in sports and artistic performance and recognises the positive alignment that elite training and participation has to the University’s academic mission.

This Entry Scheme provides a conditional entry offer to students assessed as elite athletes who intend to study at the University of Melbourne.

Full details, including the Entry Scheme application form, are here.

Contact Us

For more information regarding the Elite Athlete Program contact:

Brendan Parnell
Elite Athlete Program Coordinator
+61 3 9035 3626