Strong Women

The Strong Women program

Strong Women is a program that offers a range of FREE participation and leadership opportunities for UoM female students from free women's only gym sessions to a mentorship program to get your sporting career started. The Strong Women program promotes the meaningful inclusion of women students across all levels of sport and active recreation at Melbourne University Sport – as participants, athletes, managers, leaders, coaches, umpires, and volunteers.

"The success of every woman should be an inspiration to another. We should raise each other up." ~ Serena Williams

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Strong Women Inclusion Classes

Women's Only Yoga classes!!!!

Thursday 7.15am starting Thursday 25 July 2024 at Nona Lee Sports Centre

Saturday 10:30am Class at Lincoln Square Fitness

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The Strong Women Network

The Strong Women Network is an exciting mentorship program which matches current women student-athletes with women from the University of Melbourne community who have been involved in high performance sport.

The Network enables women students-athletes to develop crucial leadership and vocational skills, contacts, and career pathway opportunities through mentoring.

We warmly welcome Trans-women and non-binary people to the Network also.

Expressions of interest for 2024 Strong Women's Network are now open!


Benefits of participating

  • Give back to the University community by helping shape the next generation of UoM Strong Women
  • Access up-and-coming women student-athletes for professional recruitment purposes
  • Share your legacy: Your experiences, professional expertise and lessons learned are too valuable to keep to yourself!
  • Elevate your resume: Mentorship speaks volumes of your positive character and willingness to invest in the development of your peers
  • Expand your Strong Women network with other mentors and mentees associated with the University of Melbourne
  • Expressions of interest for 2023 Strong Women's Network are now open and will close on Sunday 6 August 2023.

Benefits of participating

  • Career planning and professional development
  • Introduction to new professional networks
  • Increase your confidence in networking and your professional communication skills
  • Working through problems from a new perspective
  • Translating leadership skills as an athlete into your professional career
  • Practical advice that will help you find a job


  • 3+ years professional career experience
  • Commit to meeting with a mentee once per month throughout the program. This can be in person, online or via phone
  • Previous/current involvement in high-performance sport as an athlete, coach, administrator.


  • 2nd and 3rd year undergraduate students or currently enrolled in a postgraduate degree
  • Current involvement in high-performance sport
  • Commit to meeting with a mentor once per month throughout the program. This can be in person, online or via phone.
Screening and Matching Process

Due to the popularity of the Strong Women Network, student selection for this program is competitive.

When matching mentors and mentees, we consider areas of sport, study, professional experience, and interest areas of both individuals and try to match accordingly.

Selection of students and mentors to participate in the Strong Women Network is at the discretion of Melbourne University Sport.

Contact Us

For more information on the Strong Women Program, how to get involved with sport at the University of Melbourne, and the opportunities available for women and non-binary students, staff and community members, please contact Ange La Scala.


Guide: Uniforms that Encourage girls to play sport and be physically active

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