The Sports Capital Improvement Plan is a critical element of the Strategic Plan for Sport

Sport is responsible for the development of campus and off-campus facilities and manages all University sporting facilities in particular the University Recreation Reserve, the Ski Lodge at Mt Buller and the Boat House on the Yarra River.

Sports Capital Infrastructure Plan

MU Sport is reviewing and updating the Sport Capital Infrastructure Plan to align with the University Capital Plan (Estates Plan) and the Strategic Plan for Sport. The objective is to improve the quality, capacity and accessibility of sporting facilities that support regular physical activity for students and staff across all campuses of the University.

In March, sporting clubs were invited to attend a series of workshops where attendees were asked to consider the broader position of sport within the University. As the plan is developed during 2022, the MU Sport community will have further opportunities to review and provide feedback.

Maintenance and Minor Works - 2024

The list below includes preventative maintenance and minor works to be completed across Melbourne University Sport buildings and grounds in 2023.

Maintenance - 2024
Maintenance - 2023
  • Tennis court nets are in the process of being replaced.
  • New Futsal goals that are sturdier and have wheels to move have been purchased.
  • Internal stairways in the Nona Lee Sports Centre have been updated with new handrails, stair nosing and tactiles to comply with disability legislation.
  • Winches to raise and lower the basketball backboards in East and West Stadiums are being replaced.
  • New netting in the turf cricket practice wicket area is being installed to improve player safety and allow for an increase in the number of pitches available.
  • New Key Cabinet – thank you to sporting club representatives who have worked with us on transitioning to using the new cabinet. User feedback is very positive about the improved security and amenity, however please provide any feedback or requests to facilities-sport@unimelb.edu.au
Completed Works - 2022
  • Skip bin for clubs - January
  • Hockey pitch - Preventative maintenance - February
    Sports Centre - Student lounge (building works) - February
  • Floodlight maintenance - March
  • Installation of digital clocks - East and West Stadiums - April
  • Hockey pitch - Preventative maintenance - May
  • Hockey pitch - Preventative maintenance
    Basketball equipment safety audit (31/08)
    Sports Centre - South door entrance automation
  • Stadiums and Lazer Room - Floor relacquering (21/12 - 23/12)
    All buildings - Periodic cleaning
Completed Works - 2019
  • Beaurepaire Centre- Men’s Changeroom Upgrade - February
  • Beaurepaire Centre - Installation and commissioning of Solar Thermal Panels (Pool and Domestic Hot Water)
  • Sports Centre – Cycling Studio LED lighting upgrade - February
  • Sports Precinct – External lighting globe replacement - March
  • Indoor scoreboard - East Stadium - June
  • External basketball tower replacement - April
  • Lincoln Square Fitness – Rectification Works - June
  • University Oval – Irrigation system upgrade - June
  • Beaurepaire Centre – Extra lockers and seating in men’s change room - June
  • Hockey Pitch Biannual Maintenance - June
  • Beaurepaire Centre – Gym Ground Floor – LED lighting replacement - June
  • Sports Centre – Mind Body Studio - Flooring upgrade - July
  • Sports Precinct - Turf Cricket Wickets - Rectification works - September
  • All Buildings - Access Control Upgrade - September
Completed Works - 2018
  • Recoating of wooden floors at Nona Lee Sports Centre - December
  • Recarpet and painting Social Spaces A and B - October
  • Practice wickets fence repaire - October
  • Repairs to East Stadium floor - October
  • LED upgrade (Tunnel lights) - October
  • Repairs to Athletics Track - October
  • Scoreboard - Replacement of the existing scoreboard with a new state of the art electronic scoreboard and structure on the southern side of the oval - September
  • Refurbishment of Berkeley St Building 224 - September
  • New windbreakers screens (Tennis Courts) - September
  • Sport Centre garden bed extension - August
  • Reconstruction of practice wickets - May
  • Athletics Track - The Athletics Track is being renovated, the entire facility is being pressure cleaned and significant areas of the track being resurfaced to ensure safety and provide a quality facility for years to come - March
  • Annual maintenance to Hockey Pitch - January
Completed Works - 2017
  • Tennis Court - December
  • Beaurepaire Centre – LED feature light upgrade - October
  • Hockey field – Maintenance - August
  • Nona Lee Sports Centre – Air-conditioning installation to Lazer Room and Mind Body Studio - January
Completed Works - 2016
  • Nona Lee Sport Centre – Solar panel installation - December
  • Nona Lee Sport Centre – Full squash court light replacement - December
  • Stadium lighting rectification - LED fittings - July
Completed Works - 2015
  • Squash courts repainting - December
  • New carpet installation in Mind Body Studio - COMPLETED - November
  • New hand and hair dryer installation to Beaurepaire and Sports Centre change rooms - November
  • LED lights in Beaurepaire Stairwell - COMPLETED - September
  • Basketball Stadium LED light installation - September
  • Installation of soft netting on Hockey Pitch – July