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Dodgeball Club

Our purpose is to establish weekly Dodgeball social sessions for the University community. Dodgeball offers a vibrant and engaging experience for many. With its minimal equipment requirements—primarily a soft ball—Dodgeball is accessible to all, fostering inclusivity among diverse groups. It provides a dynamic outlet for physical activity and social interaction, offering a valuable break from academic pursuits. By introducing weekly Dodgeball sessions, we aim to promote physical well-being and social engagement among students through a new, exciting and enjoyable sport. These sessions will not only provide opportunities to stay active but also serve as a platform for students to connect, form friendships, and cultivate a sense of community among Dodgeball enthusiasts on campus.


How do I join?

Email our President if you are interested in joining the Club

Training times

Club Contacts

Salil Gossain

Henry Chiu

Further Information