Tai Chi and Wushu

Develop your physical and mental well being through the practice of tai chi and wushu.

The Club offers training in Chinese martial arts, with a wide range of barehand and weapon routines. No matter what your fitness level is, we invite you to challenge yourself, improve your health, and most importantly, have fun and make friends.


How do I join?

Contact any of the below or just come to one of the classes

Training times

Semester 1: 3 March - 1 June

Semester 2: 28 July - 26 October


Instructor: Professor Lily Sun

Tuesday 4pm-6pm
East Stadium (University of Melbourne Sports Centre)

Friday 6.30-8.30pm
Mind Body Studio (University of Melbourne Sports Centre)

Competition details

More information available soon.

Club contacts

Eu Shuen Ong

Connor McGowan
Vice President

Nathaniel Nguyen

Aaron Xie

Cathy Fei
Event Coordinator

Further information