Status: Open Closing: 31/12/2024

The Club Project Fund (CPF) is available to assist clubs in their development and ability to improve their self-sustainability. The CPF was to assist with seed funding for projects and activities that fall outside of a club’s regular operations.

Fund Guidelines:


Applications are accepted from the executive of affiliated sporting clubs to the University of Melbourne

Available funding

Total funding available is determined through MU Sports Annual budgeting and projects will be considered until the funding is exhausted.

Clubs should note that a maximum of 50% of the total funding requested will usually be approved for a CPF application. And clubs must be able to demonstrate that they can match the CPF contribution dollar for dollar, prior to commencing the Project.

Key dates

Applications can be made at any time until 31 December 2024 or until funds are exhausted. Assessments and notifications provided to club applicants within 4 weeks of submission.

Apply Now

Step 1: Check your eligibility

Check the Eligibility section of the application guidelines to identify if your club is eligible for funding

Step 2: Apply

Apply by submitting a completed Club Project Application Form to the Clubs Coordinator. Include any supporting documentation and as much information as possible to support your application.

Previous Successful Applications


  • Football - GPS Emergency Replacement
  • Golf - Branded Tees
  • Hockey - Strategic Pan
  • Lifting - High Performance Studio Equipment
  • Mountaineering - Beginner Climbing Trips
  • Netball - Administrator Laptop
  • Taekwondo - Storage Improvements
  • Underwater - Dive Equipment


  • Athletics - Pole Vault Cover Emergency Replacement
  • Basketball - Youth (U23's) Team Development
  • Cycling - Workstand Theft Replacement
  • Football - Merchandise Support
  • Netball - Video Content Short Course
  • Soccer 75th Anniversary Support
  • Taekwondo - 50th Anniversary Support
  • Taekwondo - Protective Training Equipment
  • Touch - 25th Anniversary Support


  • Cricket - Portable Training Lights
  • Dragon Boat - Paddle Ergometer
  • Mountaineering - Remote First Aid Training
  • Mountaineering - Sea Kayaks and Instructor Training
  • Netball - Pride Dresses
  • Soccer - Automatic Camera
  • Surfriders - Lifesaving Instructor Training
  • Table Tennis - Coach Training Equipment


  • Mountaineering - Canoe Polo Bibs
  • Ski - Financial Audit Support


  • Baseball - Honor Board
  • Boat - Novice Coaching
  • Football - Pride Round
  • Football - Honor Boards
  • Gridiron - Safety Equipment
  • Karate - Training Matting
  • Softball - Player Development and Performance Equipment
  • Surfriders - Surfboard and Wetsuit Equipment
  • Taekwdondo Rhee - Kicking Equipment
Project assistance

For general enquiries and club project fund support please contact the Clubs Coordinator:
8344 3945