Dragon Boat

The mission of the Melbourne University Dragons is to foster the Dragon Boat culture of team spirit.

MUDS aims to encourage sportsmanship and foster pride as a University of Melbourne student. We focus on empowering members to reach their potential in a safe and positive environment, and also on appropriately structured training programmes commensurate with each member's fitness and experience.


How do I join?

To join you just have to rock up to a Sunday Training session, tell them you are from Melbourne University, and someone will help you out. The vision of MUDS is to form into a family of athletes who portray an image of excellence and camaraderie.

Interested in joining our club? Let us know!

Training times

For Tuesday & Thursday: 6.15pm - 8.00pm

Sunday: 8.15am - 10.30am

Competition details

For details regarding races head to Dragon Boat Victoria website.

Important contacts

Stefanie Natascha Voelker
Vice President
0401 867 833

Catherine Leung

Zein Benjamin

Further information