Dragon Boat

The mission of the Melbourne University Dragons is to foster the Dragon Boat culture of team spirit.

MUDS aims to encourage sportsmanship and foster pride as a University of Melbourne student. We focus on empowering members to reach their potential in a safe and positive environment, and also on appropriately structured training programmes commensurate with each member's fitness and experience.


How do I join?

To join you just have to rock up to a Sunday Training session, tell them you are from Melbourne University, and someone will help you out. The vision of MUDS is to form into a family of athletes who portray an image of excellence and camaraderie.

Interested in joining our club? Let us know!

Training times

For Tuesday & Thursday: 6.15pm - 8.00pm

Sunday: 8.15am - 10.30am

Competition details

For details regarding races head to Dragon Boat Victoria website.

Important contacts

Stefanie Natascha Voelker
Vice President
0401 867 833

Ai Matsumoto
Recruitment Officer
0420 434 055

Adrian So
Assistant Recruitment Officer
0468 850 222

Further information