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Sword Dance Club

Cultural Inheritance and Preservation: By offering free Classical Chinese Sword Dance classes, the school can promote the inheritance and preservation of traditional Chinese culture. This helps students to understand and appreciate the art of traditional Chinese dance and also helps to pass on this valuable cultural heritage.

Physical and Mental Development: Learning Classical Sword Dance is beneficial to students' physical and mental development. This dance requires good body coordination, flexibility and strength, which can help students improve their physical fitness, strengthen their physique, and develop patience and perseverance.

Promoting Health: Classical sword dance is a form of exercise that is good for both body and mind and helps to improve students' health. Through dance activities, students can increase physical fitness, improve posture and stance, as well as release stress and promote mental health.

Teamwork: Learning classical sword dance requires teamwork and co-operation. In class, students need to practice and perform with their peers, which helps them develop teamwork, communication skills and collective consciousness.

Self-confidence: By learning and performing Classical Sword Dance, students can increase their self-confidence. Successful mastery of dance movements and techniques, and demonstration of their talents and performance abilities will give students a sense of pride and confidence, which in turn will boost their self-esteem and self-confidence.

Cultural Exchange and Understanding: Through the Classical Sword Dance programme, students can learn about the unique charm and aesthetic value of Chinese culture. This helps to promote intercultural exchange and understanding, and enhances students' international outlook and cultural inclusiveness.


How do I join?

Email our President if you are interested in joining the Club.

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Aowei Wang

Xiaodi Yuan

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