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Melbourne University Unicycling Club

At club meetings, new members will be taught the basics of unicycling (riding, free mounting, and idling) and can practice in groups of two to three, where one/two people will aid while the other rides, then switch. Those that have learned the basics can learn tricks either instructionally taught or on their own (practice is more important than instruction). Tricks include one-foot riding, backwards riding, seat drops, revs, half-revs, 180s and 360s, and tire hopping, among many more. For activities, we can hold races around a running track, play unicycle hockey, or organize a monthly trip riding along a bike track. For a competitive opportunity, we can organize a yearly trip to UniNats, which is a national competition held annually.

This club is unique, a ton of fun, but also a great form of exercise – it improves balance, cardiovascular health, and core and lower body muscles. We think also unicycling is inherently a little bit silly and we believe that anyone, but especially stressed students, will benefit from a bit of lighthearted, ridiculous fun.

How do I join?

Email our President if you are interested in joining.

Madeline Lavaul

Basree Arif