Triathlon is one of the newest Clubs the University, founded in 2023

Melbourne University Triathlon Club offers a comprehensive and engaging triathlon experience, by providing consistent training, expert coaching, and a supportive community to all members, helping them to either start their journey or improve their performance in triathlon.

Our club encourages students to participate in the sports, socialize, and enjoy the unique environment the Melbourne University can offer.


For Information on Triathlon Intervarsity opportunities please visit our Intervarsity Page.


How do I join?

Contact us on the email below

Training times

We provide students with the opportunity to participate in Triathlon competitions. Our training program consists of 3 sessions each week: Wednesday for the swim, Saturday for the cycling, and Sunday for running. We hold monthly workshop to educate members with nutrition, bike mechanics, and related information

Sihong Wu

Cody Li
Vice President

Further information