Becoming A Fitness Instructor
Exchange student Audrey Magro (left) with MU Sport Fitness Instructor Keit.

20 August 2019, Audrey Magro

One exchange semester at the University of Melbourne - why not become a Les Mills instructor?

Well, obviously, this was not planned when I arrived in Melbourne.

After taking some Les Mills Bodypump group fitness classes at the University's gym, I started dreaming about becoming an instructor. I instantly fell in love with the sport, the people and the music.

Then, I took all the courage I had and talked to the instructors. Most of them were students or alumni themselves and knew exactly what to do next. On the same day, Melbourne University Sport agreed to endorse my training.

Becoming an instructor means spending a lot of time training, but you will gain so much confidence and you will have so much fun. You will shadow on the stage and even teach tracks on your own.

Two days before the end of my exchange semester, I passed the examination day and got certified. I am very proud to now be a colleague of my former mentors, one of them being Keit (pictured above).

I am really glad that I chose Melbourne as my exchange university, because the MU Sport provides so many opportunities and support for anyone who asks for it. I am so happy that I got to love great people and became a part of the Les Mills tribe, which allows me to work all over the world as a Bodypump instructor.

I am very sad to leave Melbourne, because the Beaurepaire Centre became a second home for me. I cannot wait to come back and train with you all again. I will never forget these beautiful and funny memories!

If someone would like to become a Les Mills instructor as well: talk to the instructors and use the great support of the MU Sport to fulfill your dream! They will surely and absolutely help you. And as you can see: anything is possible, even in an exchange semester!